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Disco Vinnie is more that just your standard Wedding DJ.  He’s also a seasoned performer with a degree in dramatic arts.  What does this mean for you and your event?  It means you’ll have someone who is used to being in front of a large crowd, giving that performance 1000 percent.  It also means he’s the perfect choice for work parities, corporate events and any occasion where having a big personality counts.

Mimosas With Mama

Disco Vinnie co-created this award winning show and performed for many years to sold-out audiences. While no longer involved in the production, the show continues to this day with the indelible touches of Disco Vinnie!

Disco Vinnie stars in Mama Mia
Disco Vinnie Stars in Mimosas with Mama
Disco Vinnie stars in A Boob Job for Christmas
Disco Vinnie Stars in Hairspray

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